Huaren 2.3

  1. Added theme. Users can choose white text on black background (the default) or black text on white background.
  2. Fixed post reply bug.
  3. Limited image downloading size.


Huaren 2.2

Huaren 2.2 was published.
New features:
  1. Added Huaren image support. Since some posts have a lot of images, which are not good for limited resources on handsets, image download will limit to up to 5 images per refresh and each image size should < 500K. For example, if there are 10 images on a post and each one is 300K, when the page is loaded first time, first 5 will show up. Click the refresh button will bring up the other 5 images (since the first 5 are already downloaded and cached).
  2. Added author name to the post list page.
  3. Performance improvement.


Huaren 2.0

Updated: 2.0.2 was released. It should be working on android 2.1 and 2.2.
I don't know if somebody has noticed, I'v taken the huaren app off from the android market right after I published 2.0. It seems like 2.0 will break since it contains some code only works in gingerbread (2.3). I will republish it soon.


Huaren 1.6

Version 1.6 has been released today.

  1. Added favorite tab and management menu. Right click(long press) to invoke it.
  2. Added page navigation menu, long press to invoke it.
  3. Added post context menu, also long press to invoke it.
  4. Some UI changes.


Huaren 1.5 released

Huaren 1.5 changes:

  1. Added user login feature.
  2. Added a delimiter for quoted content.
  3. Changed current page to a editable field to enable a 'jump' feature. It may need some work in the future. Currently, it's a three step action: enters number; click 'Done'; and finally click pre or next button.If you enter 5, it will take you to either page 4 or 6 depending which button you click.
  4. Added post refresh button.
Screenshot for jumping pages:

Login page

App settings page


Huaren 1.0

I almost finish the first version of the huaren app development. It took more time than I expected. But I think I made good progress considering most of the time, I had to start working on it at 10:30pm. I am a little exhausted because I suck at Photoshop and I have to finish the icon design in 30 days before it expires. It pushed me harder than the actual coding. Once I release the beta version to the android market, I am going to slow down my development pace to enjoy more with my family and wait to see how many users are out there, if it make sense for future releases. I have some other ideas on what exciting apps I want to write. I may switch to those. Anyway, here are something about the huaren app.

  • Light weight, fast rendering
  • Support portrait and landscape modes
  • Posts and images are cached (same posts are valid for 1 day and no expiration on images)
  • Every step/view state is stored. It returns to the previous page you were browsing after interruption.
  • View post full version by clicking one button

Known issues:
  • Some posts are corrupted returned by the server. But you can view next pages.
  • Be careful to view post with lots of images (monkeys are fine). The app may crash because of the out of memory exception. Will add a setting to toggle the external image download feature.
  • Images uploaded to the huaren server are not rendered, monkeys are working though. Can be fixed by adding a new feature. May not be easy to fix.
  • Some JPG images are not rendered (bug in android). May be fixed by updating to future version.

  1. Add post refresh button
  2. Fix known issue 1 by using the regular urls to support login, hot topic feature
  3. Add hot topics in a separate tab
  4. Add favorites
  5. Rendering images on Huaren (changed to disable images)
  6. Enable link on post view
  7. User login/logout
  8. Post reply
  9. Enable http gzip