Huaren 2.3

  1. Added theme. Users can choose white text on black background (the default) or black text on white background.
  2. Fixed post reply bug.
  3. Limited image downloading size.


Huaren 2.2

Huaren 2.2 was published.
New features:
  1. Added Huaren image support. Since some posts have a lot of images, which are not good for limited resources on handsets, image download will limit to up to 5 images per refresh and each image size should < 500K. For example, if there are 10 images on a post and each one is 300K, when the page is loaded first time, first 5 will show up. Click the refresh button will bring up the other 5 images (since the first 5 are already downloaded and cached).
  2. Added author name to the post list page.
  3. Performance improvement.