Huaren 1.0

I almost finish the first version of the huaren app development. It took more time than I expected. But I think I made good progress considering most of the time, I had to start working on it at 10:30pm. I am a little exhausted because I suck at Photoshop and I have to finish the icon design in 30 days before it expires. It pushed me harder than the actual coding. Once I release the beta version to the android market, I am going to slow down my development pace to enjoy more with my family and wait to see how many users are out there, if it make sense for future releases. I have some other ideas on what exciting apps I want to write. I may switch to those. Anyway, here are something about the huaren app.

  • Light weight, fast rendering
  • Support portrait and landscape modes
  • Posts and images are cached (same posts are valid for 1 day and no expiration on images)
  • Every step/view state is stored. It returns to the previous page you were browsing after interruption.
  • View post full version by clicking one button

Known issues:
  • Some posts are corrupted returned by the server. But you can view next pages.
  • Be careful to view post with lots of images (monkeys are fine). The app may crash because of the out of memory exception. Will add a setting to toggle the external image download feature.
  • Images uploaded to the huaren server are not rendered, monkeys are working though. Can be fixed by adding a new feature. May not be easy to fix.
  • Some JPG images are not rendered (bug in android). May be fixed by updating to future version.

  1. Add post refresh button
  2. Fix known issue 1 by using the regular urls to support login, hot topic feature
  3. Add hot topics in a separate tab
  4. Add favorites
  5. Rendering images on Huaren (changed to disable images)
  6. Enable link on post view
  7. User login/logout
  8. Post reply
  9. Enable http gzip